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#MUSICFORFUTURE is a continuous soundtrack of climate activist music from Climate X-Press.

New music is released on the run. Available FREE on Soundcloud. 

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Tracks available at Bandcamp 18.02.21

All profit goes to Greenpeace Sweden

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Debut single ”Climate X-Press” was blessed by UN Climate Secretariat and marked the beginning of a new musical odyssey. David sampled Fiji’s own Greta Thunberg; the 8-year Fuji born Timochi Nalusala who held a remarkable speech at COP24 in Bonn.


Eco Mode was released on the Swedish "Car Day" with a parking ticket guerrilla action that chocked the Gothenburg residents with advice on how to get into "eco mode" instead of being fined by the government. The song features rap and dancing.


"Rambo" on a new mission for zero emission. The lyrics relates to our fossil addiction and David get's into war with the industry at the car fair in Gothenburg 2019.


A new Christmas Anthem in hope to reduce mass consumption and reclaim the love and togetherness that we need in the darkest of times. Set Santa Claus Free!

ECO MODE REMIX Omslag_party.jpg

Dance Remixes for the world leaders, influencers and activist to enjoy! 
Bolsonaro Remix, Kyoto Protocool Remix, Paris Agreement Remix.


A lyrical rap about the ten years we have to make the climate transition a reality for a better future. Video features Greta book found wash ashore ten year later...


Änglamark is a Swedish Hymn written by Evert Taube 1971. Now electrified as for a new power generation. Read about it in the Göteborgs Posten Newspaper here.


Updated cover on Mauro Scoccos epic smash hit on the topic climate crisis from 1988. Nobody wins the (co2) race we run.


Four Swedish climate anthems for future. Features Carola Häggkvist - "Säg Mig Var Du Står" (1983) and Edvard Persson "Man Ska Inte Skräpa Ner Uti Naturen" (1939)

Aimed at the financial system. Features Political Economist Ann Pettifor who writes about the Green New Deal. We must and need to afford a climate transition and convert into a eco eco system.


Defund Christmas and get onboard the Climate X-Press for a sustainable holiday celebrating love. The single was launched with a Christmas calendar with 24 advice to act for change.


New music every friday to inspire the movement for radical change. Punk, pop, rap, trap, blues. All genres for everyone to join the party. Only on SOUNDCLOUD.
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